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Members Click Here is the most comprehensive online training and education resource for your vibration exercise needs. We realize that proper education and information is lacking when it comes to vibration training, therapy and exercise. With over 20 years of combined experience in vibration exercise, you'll get the right training to help you succeed with your health goals and fitness needs.


Our membership site contains countless number of exercise programs for specific goals and needs. We provide you with programs that you can print out and use with your vibration training sessions.


The website provides comprehensive videos that give you a step by step explanation of the different exercises so you can get the most out of your vibration exercise program. The videos are designed for all levels, whether you are just beginning, or an advanced user.


We have over 300 exercise positions, and counting! The exercises are broken down into body parts so you can easily access our exercise database to make up your own programs if you choose. Each section comes with introductory training videos that give you the basic foundation of knowledge you need to succeed.


Are you new to vibration, and not sure how to start? Our Vibration Training Sessions provides a safe, step by step guide to the key principles of vibration training. Each body part is explained in detail with videos and documents, ensuring you start off your program with the right knowledge to pursue your own personal goals.


Interested in weight loss? Osteoporosis? Whatever your need, we provide detailed modules that educate you in those specific areas, providing the right vibration information and training. We'll help you unlock your road map to success, with the support you can count on.


We have a combined 20 years of vibration training, research and program design. Are you stuck on an exercise and not sure what to do? Are you looking for additional help with some of your medical questions? You can count on our support to continue solving your problems so you can continue achieving your goals.

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