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Does whole body vibration therapy help with arthritis?
vibration therapy for knee arthritis rehabilitation

Over the years, I’ve seen some significant improvements in arthritis from whole body vibration. Initially, I was very hesitant to place someone with arthritis on vibration machines, due to the simple fact that there wasn’t much research on its effects or whether it was actually safe. Now, vibration therapy has shown to be safe and effective for a wide variety of conditions. There are two new research studies that just came out that sheds some more light on the effects of vibration exercise on arthritis. This article discusses the findings in both and what it can mean for you if you are looking at vibration exercise as a solution to your arthritic pain and disability.

Vibration therapy: stabilizing knee function in rehabilitation

Although I’ve used vibration therapy for stabilizing knee function in rehabilitation for over 10 years, it’s always refreshing to see some new research that substantiates some of the results we’ve achieved. This article is not only written for health professionals. If you have any knee pain or undergoing rehabilitation, you’ll get a great insight into how vibration therapy can benefit you. We’ll look at a great new research study and how vibration therapy can benefit the end user and the health professional.

Vibration therapy after bariatric surgery
Vibration therapy after bariatric surgery

With the ever increasing number of surgeries, vibration therapy after bariatric surgery can be an effective exercise solution. The American Society for Bariatric Surgery and the National Institutes of Health estimate that in 2004, 140,000 Americans underwent Bariatric surgery. This is significantly up from 63,000 in 2002 and only 16,200 in 1992. The trend is upwards considering there were 220,000 surgeries in the USA in 2008. As more and more obese individuals opt to get this type of surgery, there is a potential to utilize Whole Body Vibration exercise as part of a comprehensive pre and post exercise program. This paper outlines the benefits of utilizing vibration platforms.

4 things I learned about vibration therapy
vibration therapy

Over my 10 years of being involved in the vibration therapy field, there are a lot of things I’ve learned about vibration therapy. Some have changed my thinking, while others have reinforced the value I see in vibration therapy benefits. I’ve seen it go from something that very few health professionals knew about, to something I see on a regular basis in various rehabilitation settings. Does vibration therapy live up to the benefits that the companies claim? Is it a passing fad or something that will stay for the long term? Are you someone that would benefit from vibration therapy? This article goes over the 4 things I learned about vibration therapy over the last decade.

Vibration therapy advances
vibration therapy

I remember when vibration therapy advances were slow and steady. Not many health professionals and consumers knew about vibration therapy. There was mass confusion on exactly whether whole body vibration machines actually worked, or whether they were actually safe for patients. Nowadays, consumers are even more confused because of all the misinformation that they are getting from various sources. This article discusses the advances that vibration therapy has made since the technology slowly began gaining credibility and acceptance since the turn of the millennium.

Vibration therapy machines in physical therapy
Vibration therapy machines for physical therapists

When it comes to vibration therapy machines in physical therapy, the reaction is quite mixed. I’ve worked with physical therapists, physiatrists and and strength conditioning coaches over 10 years with vibration therapy machines. No matter how much I deal with fellow health professionals, there are always a million questions that they throw at me concerning the technology and it’s effect on specific patient conditions. This article goes over some of resistance that some physical therapists may have about vibration therapy. I also include some links to videos on physical therapists using vibration therapy machines so you can see some of the real applications.

Vibration therapy for circulation
Vibration therapy for circulation

Vibration therapy for circulation is something that is increasing in importance, especially for the elderly and diabetic population. Over the last few years, circulation seemed a distant thought in everyone’s minds when they were looking to see how vibration therapy would be beneficial. There seemed to be more focus on bone density, fat loss, and sports performance. However, we’re going to take a look at a new study that is beginning to show the positive benefits of vibration therapy for circulation.

Whole body vibration therapy benefits
vibration therapy benefits

Whole body vibration therapy benefits are increasing among various health conditions. If you suffer from such conditions as multiple sclerosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and arthritis, vibration therapy may be a good option to help in enhancing your current rehabilitation program. There are many benefits that one can achieve.

Vibration therapy for low back pain: Cause or cure?
vibration therapy for low back pain

Vibration therapy for low back pain sounds contradictory to most doctors and therapists that I talk to. This is usually the case when they are unaware or lack information about the advances in vibration therapy. I was out a few nights ago with a group of orthopedic surgeons and chronic pain specialists. One of the surgeons asked me what I can do for someone with chronic low back pain that has been resistant to their current rehabilitation program. When I recommended vibration therapy for low back pain, some of them began rolling their eyes. This article goes through some of the questions I got from doctors that did not know anything about vibration therapy

High frequency vibration: Case for low amplitude vibration machines
High frequency vibration

High frequency vibration machines with very low amplitudes have been undergoing research for years, but is the technology as effective as higher amplitude machines that we see being sold for fitness, weight loss and sports performance? Due to the many different types of vibration machines in the marketplace, it’s no wonder everyone is confused about what all these machines can do. This article discusses some of the benefits of low amplitude high frequency vibration machines, their limitations and future potential.

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