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Vibration Training

Why personal trainers are embracing vibration training
Vibration training

I ran into a few different personal trainers at a recent fitness conference, discussing the various applications of vibration training. In the past, there would be some hesitation to get on a vibration machine. Or they would get on and begin exercising like they would with conventional exercise equipment. When I’d correct them on their positioning, some would get quite defensive as if I was critical of their skills and knowledge. A lot has changed since then, and I’m starting to see this shift. Here is why there is a change in the way trainers approach vibration training.

Which vibration training machine increases metabolism and VO2 the most?
vibration training machine

vibration training machineA recent study looked at which vibration training machine can increase your VO2, which is a measure of cardiovascular fitness. A lot of people are using vibration exercise machines for fitness and weight loss solutions. However, there is some confusion on exactly how vibration training is producing the results that so many people claim. We’re going to take a look at two studies that show the effects of vibration training on VO2, in addition to some of my own experiences regarding fitness and weight loss with vibration exercise machines.

Do Olympic athletes use vibration training?
Do Olympic athletes use vibration training

Now that the Olympics are upon us, I’ve had some people ask about whether Olympic athletes use vibration training. The answer is that a lot more are using vibration training than ever before. It was only a few years ago that the technology was cautiously being integrated within training programs. Most of the strength and conditioning coaches weren’t familiar with the right protocols. Here are several reasons why strength and conditioning coaches are becoming more comfortable.

Vibration training for mixed martial arts
vibration training for mixed martial arts

Being involved in martial arts for over 20 years, I can understand the specifics of vibration training for the mixed martial artist. The training program is often intense, and risk of injuries is common. If there is an injury, the athlete pushes to get better as fast as possible. The mixed martial artist has many different needs and challenges in their training program. That’s why adding vibration exercise to the program should be done with care. This article goes over some of the key ways vibration training machines can benefit a mixed martial artist.

Vibration training after pregnancy
vibration training after pregnancy

Vibration training after pregnancy can be an effective alternative to conventional exercise. There are many benefits of participating in vibration plate training. However, there are several key points to remember prior to engaging in vibration exercise, let alone any form of exercise in general. This article outlines some of the key exercise principles after pregnancy, and provides recommendations for integrating vibration training after pregnancy.

How to integrate vibration training for dancers
vibration training for dancers

Although whole body vibration has been used in strength programs, not many know how to integrate vibration training for dancers. Dancers are a set population of athletes that would benefit greatly from undergoing vibration training exercises. Although flexibility is a primary area of focus, whole body vibration training has been shown to be effective in strength and rehabilitation also. This article takes a look at some of the initial research on vibration platform training and dancers.

Can vibration machines benefit post workout muscle damage?
vibration machines

Vibration machines have been shown to increase strength and flexibility, but new research is looking at how it can benefit post workout muscle damage. For an athlete, recovery is one of the most important things to address. The faster one recovers, the harder they are able to train. However, the question to ask is not only whether vibration machines can benefit post workout muscle damage, but what specific treatment technique is required? We look at the new research that shows the pros and cons of vibration machines, and outline a protocol that should help you in recovering faster and training harder.

Vibration training guide for personal trainers
Vibration training guide for personal trainers

With all the personal trainers out there looking for an edge with their clients, vibration training may very well be that advantage they can have over their competition. Not only that, it’s actually been shown to enhance the results you will get with your clients. Investing in vibration training is a win-win situation, as long as you follow the right principles of training. We look at a few key points that should guide a personal trainer to becoming more open to integrating vibration training into their facilities.

Understanding vibration fitness training terminology
vibration fitness training

Vibration fitness training terminology varies from one vibration exercise company to another. What was originally called ‘bio mechanical muscle stimulation’ turned into whole body vibration. Things are getting even more interesting now considering companies are putting their own label on their vibration machines to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. This article focuses on a lot of the terminology you are going to come in contact with and helps you get a clearer understanding of what everyone is talking about.

Vibration training exercises to avoid
Vibration training exercises to avoid

I get asked quite often on the vibration training exercises to avoid. That’s because I have seen a wider variety of clients and patients, from those with chronic pain to the elite athlete. By seeing such a variety of individuals, we’ve had to be cautious of the type of vibration exercises that we provided to certain groups. Like any other fitness device or programs, care must be taken with certain individuals on exactly the type of exercise they can do. We look at some of our own experiences regarding vibration training exercises and the ones to be cautious of.

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