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4 things I learned about vibration weight loss
vibration weight loss

vibration weight lossIf you’re interested in losing weight, here are 4 things I learned about vibration weight loss after helping dozens of patients with their own health and fitness programs. There’s a lot of different opinions on the perfect weight loss solution. One study this week may talk about the benefits of exercise, while another study next week will tell you that exercise doesn’t work for weight loss. This isn’t going to end soon. That’s why I rely mostly on experience and results. Here are some things that I learned over time.

Vibration weight loss machine study results
vibration weight loss machine

Does a vibration weight loss machine really work? The answer really depends on how you approach your program. A new study just came out that examined the use of a vibration weight loss machine for postmenopausal women over an 8 week period. The study brings a lot of great points to the forefront. If you are looking to use a vibration weight loss machine, we’re going to go over the key strategies that you need to follow to actually get the results you want.

Can vibration machines replace cardio equipment?
vibration machines replace cardio equipment

Can vibration machines replace cardio equipment is a question i often hear from those that still believe that cardio equipment is primarily responsible for weight loss. These questions pop up because most of us, even including me, are convinced that cardio workouts are the best for weight loss. We believe this because its what we’ve been shown through media. How many larger runners do you see? If you watch any of the marathons, the answer will be almost none. How many guys at the gym lifting heavy weights do you see with a bit of a belly? I’m sure there’s a few every time I go to the gym! We’re going to talk about whether cardio equipment is really necessary for weight loss. The findings will not only surprise you, but may make you question your weight loss strategy altogether as you look at vibration machines as an alternative solution to your weight loss needs.

Top 4 vibration weight loss exercises
top 4 vibration weight loss exercises

All too often, the best vibration weight loss exercises are not necessarily the ones you would see on infomercials or magazine articles. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people at the gym focusing a lot of their attention on sit ups or other ab exercises. However, did you realize the stomach muscle is one of the smaller muscles in our body? The only thing ‘big’ about the area is sometimes the fat that is over it. The goal of a successful program is to target the larger muscle groups. The more muscle that is worked, the more calories your body will be burning. This article takes a look at the four BEST vibration weight loss exercises.

Weight loss that works: Vibration and body monitors
Weight loss that works

We were the first to develop weight loss programs that combine vibration and body monitors, and now a new study just confirmed that body monitors are key for weight loss that works. Body monitors such as the bodybugg, the new Nike Fuel and Jawbone are some of the technologies that are generating a significant interest among people like you that want to lose weight, but want to be confident that the weight loss program actually works. We’re going to go over some of these findings and discuss how they can be easily integrated within a vibration weight loss program.

Benefits of whole body vibration for weight loss
Benefits of whole body vibration for weight loss

The other day I had a long discussion about the benefits of whole body vibration for weight loss with a qualified personal trainer. They had some great questions about whole body vibration machines and couldn’t understand why they were becoming all the craze. For someone that deals making money by getting results for her clients, she has no time to experiment with new things. She gets paid for getting results and the pressure is always on her. This article is a summary of our conversation and how vibration training is something that everyone can use for their weight loss efforts.

Vibration weight loss exercises: Top 4 ways to increase metabolism
vibration weight loss exercises

Apart from wanting to burn more calories with your exercise program, the single most important goal to achieve with vibration weight loss exercises is to increase your metabolism. As most trainers will tell you, it’s not about the amount of calories your body burns while you are doing an exercise; it’s the amount of calories you will burn AFTER you finish your exercises. Metabolism is also an important factor in your long term fitness or weight loss success. As we begin to lose weight, our metabolism will also drop. Exercise can help prevent a drop of your metabolism or minimize the drop altogether. The type of exercises that best do this are weight training or in our case, vibration weight loss exercises. Let’s look at some of the ways vibration exercise can increase your metabolism:

Best exercise machine for weight loss
best exercise machine for weight loss

Have you ever thought about what the best exercise machine for weight loss is? There’s a good chance you have, if all the late night infomercials are any indication. We’re in a point in time where the number exercise machines, including vibration exercise machines, are almost limitless. Just watch the latest infomercial or go to your local fitness or retail box store and you’ll see what I mean. If the latest and greatest piece of exercise machine is available, then why is everyone still getting bigger and unhealthier? Let’s take a look at what you need to be successful in improving your health and eventually get on the road to proper weight loss.

4 Reasons you will lose weight with vibration exercise machines
vibration exercise machines

If you want to lose weight with vibration machines, this article will go through some of the reasons why it’s possible. The most common questions we get is exactly HOW vibration exercise machines will lead to weight loss. Although there are different types of machines on the market with different explanations on how they will help you get results, this article looks at the most common sense and research backed answers on why vibration exercise machines may be your first choice in helping you lose weight.

Vibration weight loss and intermittent fasting: Winning combination?
Vibration weight loss and intermittent fasting

If you are in a vibration weight loss program, combining it with intermittent fasting may be something that can suit you. Over the years, there’s been a lot of research done on severe calorie restriction and health. It seemed that restricting calories in experiments with fruit flies led to a longer life. Some got on the band wagon and began doing this. However, it has it’s limitations. Intermittent fasting seems to be catching on. Most surprisingly, it’s changing a lot of minds in the fitness and bodybuilding field, as well as in the health and wellness fields. That’s why we’re going to take a look at intermittent fasting and see how it can be something you can incorporate with your vibration weight loss programs.

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