Best exercise machine for weight loss

best exercise machine for weight lossHave you ever thought about what the best exercise machine for weight loss is? There’s a good chance you have, if all the late night infomercials are any indication. We’re in a point in time where the number exercise machines, including vibration exercise machines, are almost limitless. Just watch the latest infomercial or go to your local fitness or retail box store and you’ll see what I mean. If the latest and greatest piece of exercise machine is available, then why is everyone still getting bigger and unhealthier? Let’s take a look at what you need to be successful in improving your health and eventually get on the road to proper weight loss.

Finding the best exercise weight loss machine

Most people that decide to begin exercising go through countless pieces of equipment to find the right one for them. What do you look for in an exercise machine, whether it’s a vibration exercise platform or a treadmill? Do you look at the features, such as a television or body fat analyzer, or do you look at the size of the piece of equipment and whether it actually can fit you and your needs? I know a lot of fitness retailers and they are sometimes amazed at what someone will purchase. People come into the store with a certain price point. They end up buying something more expensive just because it has a fancier screen on it. When you look for a piece of exercise equipment, look for quality first. This means finding something that fits your own needs and goals. Are you an athlete? Buying a vibration platform that is catering to the seniors population may not be the best thing for you. The new vibration platform from Marodyne is something that was specifically designed for bone loss. It’s not something you would use for sports performance. A Power Plate on the other hand is being used in sports facilities and something you may want to look at instead, not that I totally endorse the Power Plate either. Is the vibration platform large enough for you? Are you a taller person, or heavier person? A larger platform may be better, although we’ve been able to modify certain exercises for taller people on smaller platforms. Our membership site here at is designed to provide customized vibration exercises and detailed training for all needs and goals. Our Trim and Tone program consists of over 6 modules that take you through a step by step approach to weight loss that combines vibration exercise, other exercise strategies, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.

The best vibration exercise machine is you

All too often, I get countless number of clients and patients that really believe that the vibration exercise machine is the one that’s going to do all the work. It’s an easy thought to have since you pretty much are told you just stand there. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Regardless of the type of vibration platform, your exercise program will depend on your current fitness level and ability to perform the right exercises that will lead to the best results. Someone that hasn’t exercised in a long time can’t possibly begin to start doing high intensity exercises on a vibration exercise machine. Someone who is more athletic isn’t really going to see the benefits of standing on a platform. Any piece of fitness equipment, whether it’s a vibration exercise machine, a treadmill, or an elliptical is only as good as the program that you engage in. I’ve seen some great results with people that don’t use any fitness equipment. What they do know is how to change up their program so their body doesn’t get used to it. They understand the importance of rest periods and understand the importance of the right intensity levels for their programs. Applying similar concepts to vibration exercise training can produce similar results.

Vibration exercise machines have certain advantages to other forms of exercise which makes it an essential piece of equipment that one should purchase. The real advantage isn’t that it’s the best exercise machine out there. If you customize the program to you and your fitness level and needs, you’ll see results. The real advantage is that it allows people who may not be able to engage in regular training to at least begin an exercise program. I’ve seen a lot of my patients see tremendous results with their weight loss just because vibration exercise machines were the only things that they could realistically start with. Once you understand this and start feeling better, you’ll want to challenge yourself and do more. That’s where the benefits of proper education and training come in.

Getting any exercise machine for weight loss is not going to show any benefits. Initially you may feel a bit better or lose some weight because you’re highly motivated. However, this doesn’t last. Having the right program and access to the right strategies to help you achieve long term success is the most important part of the whole decision to find the best exercise machine for your weight loss needs. We’ve used every exercise machine imaginable, but found vibration exercise machines for weight loss, combined with a real weight loss program like our Trim and Tone program, to be the key ingredient in helping you achieve success.


About the Author Dr. Jasper Sidhu

Dr. Jasper Sidhu has been using vibration platforms for over 10 years in rehabilitation, sports, fitness and weight loss settings. In addition to hands on treatment of patients and clients in these settings, he has lectured at various universities and medical association meetings on the application of vibration training.  

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