Best vibration exercise machines for osteoporosis

We are usually happy when the question on what are the best vibration exercise machines for osteoporosis is asked BEFORE someone goes out and buys one. For those that don’t, they later realize their disappointment in the results that they won’t get. If you are looking to purchase a whole body vibration exercise machine, then this article is for you. We’ll take a look at what you need to know prior to making a purchase.

The best vibration exercise machines for you in combating osteoporosis are….

The bottom line is, most vibration machines will work for osteoporosis. The question is whether that technology fits you, your lifestyle, fitness level, and goals. Companies provide all the checkmarks on why they feel their platforms are the best vibration exercise machines for osteoporosis. However, most don’t provide much of the other information you need. Are you on the heavy side? Did you know some of the machines will be useless for you, since the frequency and various other parameters decrease the more weight you put on the machine? What if you are a taller person and are generally fit? Would a small home use machine be of any significance to you if you can’t even get into the right exercise position? These are some of the things you need to know prior to buying a vibration platform. Now lets look at some of the machines out there.

Vertical vibration machines are effective for osteoporosis

Some of the original research for osteoporosis and vibration came from vertical type of machines, which may make you want to lean towards vertical vibration plates as the best vibration exercise machines. There are two types. Ones that have a higher ‘frequency’ and ‘intensity’ level (what we call G forces) and ones that have a very low G force level. Let’s look at the higher intensity machines. These whole body vibration exercise machines are designed for people that are either fit, or those that feel their vibration training program is going to consist of fitness training. This means you understand the importance of exercises in your life. You understand that your body is going to respond favorably to the positive stresses being placed on it. You don’t get stronger by lifting 2 pound weights and stop there, regardless of your fitness levels. You will keep increasing the amount of weight over time. Your muscles will get stronger. You’ll need more challenges as you are able to do more. If this is your mindset, then vertical vibration machines are for you. You’ll also understand that there is a large amount of exercise positions that can be done with the technology. Apart from exercises, there’s the ability to do deep massage and flexibility exercises. These types of devices are generally more ‘forceful’ on your body on the higher intensity ranges. However, it’s easy for anyone with any level of fitness to start on the lower intensity settings. Examples of these types of machines include Power Plate, Fit Vibe, Hypergravity, Vibrogym, WAVE, etc.

Pivotal vibration machines are effective for osteoporosis

If you’ve already gone through various vibration company websites or brochures, you may see that there’s a lot of information there that may be contradictory to what we are telling you. Everyone wants to tell you they are the ‘best vibration exercise machines for osteoporosis’. However, the best depends on you, not on the machine. Some vertical companies will say that their platforms are the only ones that are effective for osteoporosis. However, pivotal machines are also showing positive benefits for osteoporosis. These machines are designed primarily for standing on the platform and generating muscle contractions from an alternating movement pattern. The companies that sell pivotal machines say that this mimics walking. These devices also have many different exercise positions. However, some of these exercises may not be as effective as some of the positions on vertical machines. For example, it’s a lot easier to do upper body exercises on a vertical platform than on a pivotal machine. There are some that will disagree. We understand that. If you are more athletic, you may be able to do them. If you are not, then its more difficult. Trust us. We’ve tried. We’ve had people try them also. We have over 10 years of experience putting people on all kinds of vibration platforms. Because of that, we’ve actually developed comprehensive exercise programs with pivotal machines that you won’t get anywhere else.  However, research does show positive benefits of pivotal machines for osteoporosis. If you are the type of person that may not want to progress to more difficult exercise positions, and may not be able to do that, then pivotal machines may be of some benefit to you. Our membership site contains comprehensive exercise programs for osteoporosis on pivotal machines. Most people who prefer pivotal machines may be those that are older and unable to engage in a wider variety of exercises. However, ensure that the machines can  handle your weight load, in addition to whether it’ s designed for the amount of use you are going to put it through. If you are going to run a machine all day in a business setting, ensure the machine is of commercial quality. Check the warranty to ensure you have protection. Examples of some of the pivotal machines include the Hypervibe, T Zone, Galileo, Vibraflex, etc.

Low Intensity Vertical vibration machines are effective for osteoporosis

The low intensity vertical vibration machines are the ones that produce a maximum of 0.3 G’s of force. These are really not ‘fitness ‘ devices. They are primarily designed for osteoporosis and this has been the main driving force with research. An example of this type of device is the Marodyne LivTablet. The device inventors used to be with Juvent. However, there were issues with the machines with respect to the weight loads being placed on them. These machines are designed to be stood on for 10 minute, twice a day. You won’t get an ‘exercise effect’ from these machines. They feel more like a buzzing sensation than an intense muscle contraction. The machines are designed for very specific weight loads, so be sure you are less than the maximum weight allowed on these devices. These machines are not designed as ‘fitness devices’. You are not going to be doing push ups, getting deep massages, or jumping up and down on these. If you are older, have issues with exercise and are concerned about osteoporosis, these machines may be beneficial for you. If you are heavier or more fit, then a Vibe Plate may be the answer for you, since it produces low intensity vertical vibrations.

We hope that you got some basic information to start off with when you are looking to purchase a vibration platform. To find the best vibration exercise machines for osteoporosis, do note that there are many vibration exercise machines for osteoporosis on the market and each ‘type ‘ of machines have strengths and weaknesses. The weakness has more to do with whether it’s the right fit for you. Of course there are platforms out there that do not generate the same frequencies and amplitudes as the ones used in research, and may not be as effective. However, the first step is knowing exactly HOW you want to be using these devices. Once you know this, then you can get into more detailed research into the type of platform to buy. Do you have any questions about any platforms that you were looking at purchasing and needing a second opinion? Simply email us at and we will be more than happy to respond, or set up a convenient time to discuss your options in more detail. Next time you want to know the best vibration exercise machines for osteoporosis, you’ll have more knowledge to make the right purchase decision.

About the Author Dr. Jasper Sidhu

Dr. Jasper Sidhu has been using vibration platforms for over 10 years in rehabilitation, sports, fitness and weight loss settings. In addition to hands on treatment of patients and clients in these settings, he has lectured at various universities and medical association meetings on the application of vibration training.  

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