Top 10 questions people ask about vibration exercise machines: Part 1

Questions about vibration exercise machinesThis article focuses on the top 10 questions people ask about vibration exercise machines. We get a lot of emails with specific questions about the way to use the vibration exercise machines, or the type of exercises that are the best for them. However, we’ve gone through our emails and came up with the most common general questions we get. Although this article is not designed to go into great detail into the answers, you’ll find other articles on our site that go into greater detail. Since 10 questions makes the article a little too long to read, we’ve divided the article up into 2 parts. Here’s the first 5 questions people ask about vibration exercise machines:

How many calories can you burn with vibration exercise machines?

This has got to be the MOST popular question we get! The answer isn’t as simple as some people want, but if you stick it out with us, you’ll realize looking at ‘calories burned’ is the wrong way to look at how to lose weight with vibration exercise machines. In fact, it’s the wrong way to look at any form of exercise if you are looking to lose weight. When most people think of calories burned, they often are comparing it to cardio forms of exercise such as walking, treadmill jogging, biking, swimming etc. When you do any of these activities, you are only burning calories WHILE you are doing the workouts. It stops as soon as you stop your exercises. With weight training, you continue burning calories long after you finish your exercise. Another thing to consider is that as you lose weight, your metabolism drops. Weight training and vibration exercise machines have been shown to help increase metabolism, or help prevent the drop. Cardio training? Not much. We actually did a small experiment on calories burned, comparing working 10 minutes on a pivotal machine, 10 minutes on a vertical machine, and 30 minutes of walking. The calorie burn was comparable as long as you are going through some sort of exercise position. Apart from that, note that vibration exercise machines generate significant muscle contractions, which in turn leads to an increase in metabolism and ability to burn more calories after you finish your workout.

Are vibration exercise machines safe?

This question is starting to be asked more and more because of the misinformation that is being spread online by various vibration companies or by misinformed ‘experts’ that make their decision based on bias and lack of research. The answer to this question is simple. Here are a few points that best summarizes the answer to this question:

In the past 5 years, there have been more than 300 research articles from accredited and credible universities on the positive effects of vibration exercise. The technology is being used in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, sports performance facilities, fitness facilities, and in peoples’ homes. Research shows many positive benefits of vibration training.

However, like any other form of exercise, if the exercise is not done right, safely, while using proper exercise positions and physiological principles, injuries can happen. Injuries can happen when you use a treadmill the wrong way, or when you begin jogging with the wrong shoes and continue to over train. In conclusion, proper use of vibration exercise machines is crucial not only to your success with your program, but also to the safety of your programs. That’s why we’ve developed a membership site that has step by step exercise programs with detailed videos and exercise positions to ensure you are doing your program the right way, and safely.

Like any other form of exercise device, the technology appears to be effective for various uses. However, reports of injuries will happen. It’s inevitable with anything. However, care must be taken to ensure that your fitness levels are in line with the type of exercises you do. If you perform exercises on a vertical platform with your knees locked, the amount of vibration to your head exceeds what is safe. If you slightly bend your knees, that effect is safe. That’s no different than the injuries you can get if you straighten your joints out when you do weight training. That’s no different than jumping up and down with your knees straight and landing on your heels. Can you say compression fracture? As you can see, any form of exercise, if done the wrong way, can lead to injuries. The final answer is that vibration exercise machines, if used properly, with good form, can have more benefits than risk.

Do vibration exercise machines actually work?

This question may be a little surprising, but it’s one of the most common ones. This usually comes from people that hear about the benefits of this form of technology from other users or by coming across it through news stories. The reason for this question is simple. The technology seems to produce incredible results, yet the only thing people seem to do in the news stories or pictures online is standing there. Most people don’t realize that you actually have to do various forms of exercise in order to get any benefit. The answer to the question is that it actually does work. However, it works if you are educated on the right positions, and right difficulty levels for the condition you are trying to target. Are you looking at losing weight? The program will differ from one that involves increasing bone density because of osteoporosis.

How do  vibration exercise machines help with weight loss?

If you are concerned with weight loss, you may have seen the marketing information about using vibration exercise machines. How it works for weight loss depends on who you ask. You may get the impression that simply standing on a machine is going to help you lose weight. Have I personally seen this happen? Yes. Have I seen it happen every time? No. Always remember that if its too good to be true, it probably is. Although there’s a lot of marketing that tries to show how easy it is to lose weight with vibration, it does require some work. Vibration exercise machines help with weight loss because they generates muscle contractions. That’s how simple the explanation can be. We know that movement is necessary. We know that generating a high intensity type of muscle contraction for our body is necessary to get the muscles working, and ultimately helping to prevent muscle loss and increase metabolism as we continue to lose weight.

What are the best vibration exercise machines for me?

Apart from being one of the largest resources for vibration exercise machines online, we get numerous requests to help people choose the right vibration platform. If you have any questions on finding the right platform for you, simply contact us at The best vibration exercise machines for you will most often depend on your fitness level, the reason you are looking to purchase or use a whole body vibration machine, and your price point. Please note first that not all vibration platforms are made the same. If your goals are to get a simple muscle stimulation to keep your body moving, then something cheaper will be better. However, also note that the more you use your platform, the lesser priced platforms may not last that long. Always check the warranty to ensure you are protected. If you are looking for more fitness related activities, larger, sturdier vibration plates will be recommended. Are you over 200 pounds? Then you’ll need a platform that is capable of handling larger weight loads. Ask yourself whether you would buy a shoe without first knowing your size and knowing what you are going to be using that shoe for. Picking a vibration platform is similar. The platform must fit your goals and needs, and not the other way around

Did you have similar questions about vibration exercise machines? If not, you can post a comment and list any question that you have. Regardless, we’ve seen more and more questions coming in. The reason is simple. Vibration exercise machines are getting more popular and their benefits are increasing. More people are becoming aware of the technology.  However, the more interest there is, the more misinformation that will be provided. We hope you got the right answers to the top 5 questions people ask about vibration exercise machines.

About the Author Dr. Jasper Sidhu

Dr. Jasper Sidhu has been using vibration platforms for over 10 years in rehabilitation, sports, fitness and weight loss settings. In addition to hands on treatment of patients and clients in these settings, he has lectured at various universities and medical association meetings on the application of vibration training.  

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Carol Copenhaver says November 15, 2012

I have had two hip replacements. Is it safe for me to use the vibration machine

    Dr. Jasper Sidhu says November 15, 2012

    hi Carol

    For some more detailed information regarding hip replacements, click on the following link to an article on the use of vibration for hip replacement:

    The question on whether vibration would be safe for you depends on several factors. How long has it been since you’ve had a hip replacement? If it’s very recent (< 6 weeks), then I recommend staying off vibration. However, studies have shown to provide benefits after 1 year post hip replacement surgery. The key is that any form of strength training is going to be beneficial for you. Most people with hip replacements are unable to engage in a full range of motion with their hips. Hence they are sometimes unable to do the very same exercises that will help them to get stronger. With vibration exercise therapy, you can be in a position that's comfortable for you and allow the machine to generate muscle contractions to give you the workout and exercise effects you require. Check out the article in the link and you should have a good idea about where vibration stands for hip replacement. However, always consult your physician prior to starting any exercise program.

amy says April 25, 2013

well , i already used the vibration machine , and i felt happy that i can start losing weight easier than before , i heard from people and the company that i bought from it the machine , i shouldn’t use the vibration machine more than 10 minutes , and if i want i can use it for 20 minutes but not continued ????they told me it is very dangerous on my health if i use more than 20 minutes per day ,i would ask is it correct ?if yes what is the reason ? if no , so how long i can use per day ? how many minutes per each training?

    Dr. Jasper Sidhu says April 26, 2013

    Hi Amy

    I’d like to say that there’s absolutely no evidence or research that says you can only use it for 10 minutes a day. However, one of the benefits of vibration is that you can get a great workout in less time. That being said, here are a few key points to remember about time:

    1. We all believe that more is better. However, regular fitness is also shifting towards a less is better model. Take high intensity training for example. Instead of running on a treadmill for an hour, people now work out harder for 1 minute spurts and do it a few times. Turns out it’s much better for fat loss. Vibration is no different.

    2. I always base the decision to do more on my fitness level and the type of exercises i do. For example, if 10 minutes is not enough time to get the type of workout I want, I will either increase the intensity, take less rest in between or change up the exercise level of difficulty.

    3. Form is critical. Some vibration experts i know are very specific about proper form. If you do something in the right position, you’ll be able to get a better work out in less time. A slight shift into the wrong position, and your muscles won’t be getting the results they could.

    4. There’s no danger in doing more, but it really comes down to the fact that if you need to be on a vibration machine for a lot longer, you aren’t using it right, or the machine doesn’t have the intensity or settings to challenge your body at your current fitness level.

    5. How long you can actually use it depends. I use a vertical vibration platform for 2 minutes per body part. Sometimes i do 30 seconds and then 4 sets, or 1 minute and do 2 sets. On pivotal platforms, the time is continuous for about 10 to 15 minutes but I’m constantly adjusting my position to target various muscle groups. For my fitness level, I will need a high powered pivotal vibration machine. For someone using it for therapeutic benefits, the focus changes.

    Hope that answers your question. In the general members area of our website, we provide free vibration training sessions that are designed to ensure you are doing the correct exercises. Sign up. It’s free!

stacey says May 1, 2013

Hi iv had my machine in the shed and iv gone to het it out it all turns on fine but the vibration dosnt work is there anyware I can get it fixed or buy parts to replace im in the uk thank you..

    Dr. Jasper Sidhu says May 1, 2013

    Hi Stacey, let me know what type of machine you have. Also, did you try calling the manufacturer or the people you bought from? Thanks

Judy Witkowski says May 23, 2014

hi, i just bought a soozier vibrating machine from a play it again sports store and to get it in the car they had to remove one of the stableizers i think(the machine lays to one side). I know it just screws in and looks like a foot as most things have. anyway i have searched the web for hours and can’t find any place that help me to find parts then i ran across your site. I am hoping you can help me.
Thank you,

    Dr. Jasper Sidhu says May 24, 2014

    hi Judy

    Some of the vibration machines out there are imported from China and sold under various brand names. Best thing to do is contact the company that makes the machine. If not, there should be information on the machine with respect to where it’s made. Although its more difficult to contact the supplier, you should be able to search their contact information online.

    The next thing to do is find a local fitness store that sells vibration machines and go there to see if any of the products they have will have the same type of part as your machine.

    The biggest issue i see with vibration machines is lack of spare parts, unless you’re dealing with reputable companies that have been around for awhile.

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