Vibration training advice for the healthy user

Vibration training advice for the healthy personYou can find a lot of vibration training advice online, especially if you are a beginner. However, some of the advice may not be right for you. There’s information out there about certain exercise positions and poses that may be great for a normal healthy person, but not someone with osteoporosis or low back pain. Then there are exercise positions that are great for those with osteoporosis or low back pain, but it does nothing for the healthy person looking to get fit or lose weight. This article focuses on vibration training advice for the healthy beginner to the advanced user that wants to get fit and lose weight.


Vibration training advice for the beginner

The first thing you need to realize is that standing on a vibration training machine for 10 minutes isn’t going to do you much good if you are fit. However, it’s a good way to start off if you are a beginner. Most users that are fit and healthy tend to want to go straight to the hardest exercises on a dvd or poster that they got with their vibration machine. You might want to do your exercises in a dynamic fashion, similar to what you might do if you if you went to the gym. However, understand that vibration training is a different stimulus to the body. Therefore, spend at least a few sessions getting used to the feeling of a vibration platform. That means if you have a pivotal vibration platform, simply stand on it for 10 minutes. Don’t start doing tons of exercises. Yes, we are asking you to do exactly what we don’t want people to do! However, this standard position will teach you a lot about your own body and about the vibration stimulus that your body is getting. While you are standing on the vibration platform, slightly bend your knees. Or you can simply start placing your feet wider apart. The goal of these vibration exercise sessions is not to get into the program that you’ll ultimately do. The goal is to understand the various intensities and frequencies that your body is being subjected to. The reason is simple. The more time you spend on the little things like this, the more effective the exercises will be when you advance to more complicated poses. You will learn that a slight shift in position or a slight increase or decrease in vibration frequency and intensity will alter the level of difficulty of the exercise.

Vibration training advice for the advanced user

The vibration training advice for the advanced user is very similar, with some slight modifications and discussion about the realities of vibration training for your program. I was once training a group of trainers and doctors at an exclusive fitness facility. There was a guy about 6 feet 6 and 260 pounds. This trainer wanted to leave early because he said that vibration training platforms really didn’t do much for him. He had been on the vibration platform prior to the session and didn’t see any difference between doing push ups with the platform on and his regular exercises. I asked if he could do it again. However, this time we didn’t do push ups. We found the right position first and held him to that position in a frequency and intensity level that I felt would fit him. Well, let’s just say that when he got up to the 1 minute mark, he was fatiguing quite quickly. He was trying his best not to let his head hit the platform. He wouldn’t give up. After that, he found a new found respect for vibration platforms and my vibration training advice.

The main point of this story is that too many advanced users will try to use vibration training in a similar manner to their regular training programs. They begin to forget that there are positions that are the best positions for their muscles to work. Vibration training allows them to find these positions. Consider vibration platforms as a ‘feedback’ tool to allow you to find those positions. This type of training, where you hold a certain pose for a period of time, is quite foreign to a lot of the weight training athletes. However, when we begin to point out that yoga and Pilates do something similar, the lightbulb goes off in the head. Vibration training has distinct training programs. That’s why we created our membership site. Training on vibration platforms are quite different depending on what your goals and needs are. For the advanced user, initially treating vibration like Pilates or yoga by mastering static poses will target your muscles in different ways than regular strength training.

Once you learn to master your positions in a static posture, try to move through your range of motion by performing static postures in different ranges of motion. The tendency again is to quickly progress to dynamic from static training. This again will take away the ability to understand how your muscles are going to react in a static position in different ranges. Our athletes have provided feedback on this. They found that by performing static poses in different ranges, they began to realize which position they felt the strongest and which was the weakest. This helped them adapt and modify their regular training program to address these weaknesses. Our trainers would then work with them away from the vibration platform to address this.

Once you can master these static postures, you can begin dynamic ranges. However, we rather increase the weight load on an advanced user and keep them in a static position before we begin the dynamic phase of their vibration programs. If you are someone that wants to get fit and / or lose weight, performing your exercises like this will fatigue you faster and give you an effective workout in less time. Becoming an expert in your own vibration training programs begins with doing your exercise programs the right way.

Vibration training advice summary

Our vibration training advice is to get the right programs that fit your goals and needs. For the fit and healthy individual, this involves with learning the basics before you begin progressing into more advanced positions and exercise levels. The more we see people move too fast into something more difficult or challenging, the more we see them tell us that their program is not working. Is the vibration training program working or are they just not following the correct vibration training advice? Whatever your goals, follow our vibration training advice, sign up for our membership site, and you’ll never be stuck in your vibration exercise programs again.


About the Author Dr. Jasper Sidhu

Dr. Jasper Sidhu has been using vibration platforms for over 10 years in rehabilitation, sports, fitness and weight loss settings. In addition to hands on treatment of patients and clients in these settings, he has lectured at various universities and medical association meetings on the application of vibration training.  

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