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Vibration Training Sessions

Welcome to the Vibration Training Sessions! These are a collection of videos and articles that will give you a good introduction to vibration exercise. This is the exact training process I've used with 1000's of patients and clients that have gone through our vibration training programs.

Each video goes through a specific exercise. I've outlined the key points to remember when performing each exercise, from where to place your feet or hands and how best to get the most out of each exercise. Follow these training sessions at your own pace. They should provide you with a solid foundation of how to start with vibration training.​

Once you learn these principles, you'll be able to advance to more difficult and challenging exercises. To get to the right section faster, simply click on any of the links in the Quick Navigation below:

Watch The Introduction Video

Starting off with your vibration training is critical to success. In this video, I'm going to discuss what you can expect from this page. You'll learn everything you need to know how to start with your vibration training programs, including the correct and incorrect ways to exercise. 

Finding Your Current Activity Level

We try to divide the vibration exercise programs based on each person’s own fitness level. Watch the video below, which discusses the different activity levels so you are better educated on which level to start with. The video provides an example, using the squat exercise and progressing you from an easy to more difficult level:

Download The Activity Level Article

Understanding Precautions When Using A Vibration Machine

Vibration machines come with many different contraindications. This list can typically be confusing. Watch the video below to get a clear idea about what contraindications mean and how they apply to you.

Download Your Article On Precautions

How To Use A Vibration Machine For The First Time

​It’s easy to get excited about your vibration machine and begin performing hundreds of exercises on it. However, since this is a new type of training for most, watch the next video to get an idea on how to approach the vibration platform for the first time.

Squat Exercise

The squat exercise is the foundation exercise for your vibration training. The video below goes through some of the key features of this position and makes sure that you perform the exercise the right way from the start, avoiding injury and increasing the effectiveness of your program:

Glute Exercise

One of the most in demand exercise request we get is the gluteal, or butt, exercise. This short video below goes through the information you need to target this muscle:

Chest Exercise

The push up exercise is one of the key exercises for the upper body. Exercises for the mid back and the shoulders also take place in a position similar to the push up. However, most people tend to do this exercise wrong. Watch the video below on the proper positioning of the push up, decreasing risk of injury and increasing effectiveness of the program.

Calf Exercise

The calf raise works the lower body. The position is similar to the squat exercise. Watch the video below to see an example of how all lower body exercises start off from the squat. This will give you a good understanding on proper positioning.

Hamstring Exercise

The hamstring is one of the most overlooked muscles when it comes to training. Dr. Sidhu provides an explanation on why it’s important to address this muscle, and shows some different ways to strengthen and stretch this muscle.

Biceps Exercise

The biceps may not be as important as the lower body exercises, but proper positioning is important. Watch the various ways that a biceps exercise can be done with vibration exercise.

Triceps Exercise

The Triceps Muscle has three different sections. We will show you how you can attack all three with one exercise. Watch the video below to get a detailed explanation on the do’s and dont’s of triceps exercises.

Midback Exercise

Watch the video below to see how to perform various mid back exercises. The mid back is important to ‘stabilize’ the upper body, and is critical to prevent upper body injuries over time.

Shoulder Exercise

The shoulder muscle is a delicate one, and prone to overuse and injury from improper exercise positions, or from overuse with exercise. Watch the video below to see the many different ways to exercise the shoulder with vibration, including some unique ones based on recent vibration research.

Core Training Exercises

Everybody wants abs of steel! Dr. Sidhu goes through the key points about ‘core training’. There are many tips on the right and wrong way to do your ab exercises. It can make the difference between getting results and getting injured. Watch the video below for a detailed session on proper core strengthening

Low Back Strengthening

Low back pain is one of the most common complaints that people have. Over 80 percent of people will get at least one episode of low back pain in their lifetime. The video below explains some of the do’s and dont’s of low back exercises with vibration training

Lunge (Thigh) Exercise

We save one of the most difficult strengthening exercise for the end! The lunge exercise is probably the second most important exercise for your programs, second only to the squat. There are many different variations of this exercise. Dr. Sidhu provides some detailed explanations on how you can use this exercise to make your program more demanding and exciting.

Low Back Stretching

Stretching and massage exercises are more beneficial when they are combined with vibration training. We start off with the proper and improper way to do low back stretches.

Lower Body 3-point stretch

Lower body stretching time can be greatly shortened by doing them all at once. Dr. Sidhu shows you how you can hit three different muscle stretches at once in the video below. The muscles that are addressed here are the inner thigh, the hamstring, and the hip flexors, most commonly known as the iliopsoas muscle.

Lower Body Massage

Massage exercises are some of the most popular, especially if you’ve had a long day or want to recover from your workouts faster. The video below shows the proper way to do a calf and hamstring massage

Upper Body Massage

It’s sometimes difficult to get a good deep massage of the chest, forearms and shoulders. Dr. Sidhu provides detailed description on how to best address these areas with a vibration platform.

Biceps Stretch

The biceps muscle may not be the biggest muscle, but it can sometimes be tight in a lot of people, especially those that hold things in their arms for a long time.